Get More Distance From Tee To Green
Published 6/16/2017 in Southeast and Northeast Links Card
Top Five Distance Golf Balls One of the most important aspects of the game of golf is the distance you can get off the tee. Here are five of the best golf balls on the market that will give you incredible distance and trajectory from tee to green! 1.Titleist Pro V1 With the new Titleist Pro V1 you will experience even longer distance on all shots with lower long game spin and even more... read more ❯

Five Hybrid Clubs You'll Love
Published 6/13/2017 in Southeast and Northeast Links Card
Get rid of the long-irons that make those in-between shots on the fairway difficult and frustrating and replace them with these magical hybrids that will help any golfer with their game.  1.Callaway XR OS Hybrids   The XR OS Hybrids give you extreme forgiveness, high launch, and our industry-leading Hyper Speed Face Cup for distance. And they’re designed to perfectly... read more ❯

Benefits of Walking the Golf CourseWalk
You’ve just arrived at your favorite local golf course. After unloading your clubs, you approach the clubhouse and you get ready to pay for your round. But, as you speak with the cashier, you are suddenly faced with a dilemma. Should you walk or rent a cart? Golf carts have become the most common mode of transportation for many golfers, but there are several reasons you should walk the... read more ❯

Prepare Yourself For The Summer Golf Season
Published 5/24/2017 in Southeast and Northeast Links Card
Golf Tips
Five Tips To Get You Ready For Your First Round of Golf Diehard golfers will play whatever the weather, come rain, wind or shine all year round. These dedicated souls are the ones you see out on the course in the middle of December, still cheerful and enjoying the game. Yet there is also a significant number of golfers who put their clubs away for the winter, especially for those of us in New... read more ❯

Social Media and Golf
Published 5/17/2017 in Southeast and Northeast Links Card
Social Media
A Volatile Mix The toughest thing the PGA Tour players are facing these days isn't the fast greens or the countless bunkers that lie ahead. Maybe this used to be true, but now they have to delve into a whole other world - social media. Scroll through your Twitter feed and you will find endless amounts of emotional responses, pictures, videos and outrageous rumors about the most current event... read more ❯

Improve Your Mental Game of Golf
It's All In Your Head Golf is truly a one-of-a-kind game. While mechanical adjustments to the swing seem to be a never-ending process, golf is as much about the mental aspects as it is the physical. Here are a few tips that could help improve your mental golf game and ultimately improve your performance on the course. Don't Be Negative. We all hit some bad shots and we can't all be... read more ❯

Practice Putting To Improve Your ScorePutting
Four Tips To Improve Your Putting Many golfers consider putting a secondary part of the game and spend more time practicing hitting their woods or irons. Yet, if you think about it, putting can determine whether you get a birdie or a boogey on a hole. For golfers who want to shave strokes off their game, the putting green is one of the best places to do it. Practice: Before hitting the... read more ❯

5 Reasons Why You Should Start To Play Golf
Golf is one of the most enjoyable sports out there. Many people, especially young adults, believe golf is boring, tiring or lame. That is so not true. If you haven't played it seriously yet, then you can't argue against it. Here are a few reasons why you should start to play golf. It challenges you. Golf is considered one of the hardest sports to learn. Being able to consistently hit the... read more ❯

Five Types of People You'll See at the Driving RangeDriving Range
Who You Can Expect To Be Practicing At The Range It's a beautiful Saturday morning and you're ready to head to the nearest golf range. You know it's going to be a busy and hectic day - everyone is getting ready for this year's golf season, so you'll be lucky if you can find an open spot. You get to the range with your friends and you see all kinds of people there. Here are five types of... read more ❯

Three New England Golf Courses You Won't Want To Miss Out On
Are you looking for a golf package deal? Do you want to play at various courses in the Northeast at an affordable rate? The Northeast Links Card allows complete access and discounts at every golf course on the Links Card program in the Vermont, New York, New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts. Rates ALWAYS include cart. The Ranch, Quail and Crystal Lake golf courses, located in... read more ❯

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