Three Key Tips: Chipping From The Sand
Published 10/4/2017 in Southeast and Northeast Links Card
Nothing ruins a hole that seems to be going well like a short iron shot that lands in a sand trap next to the green. Just a little bit more distance, or a little bit more left or right, and you could have avoided that awful sand bunker. But, here you are and now it is time to focus on a successful chip from the sand. Here are a few key tips when trying to get your ball onto the green when... read more ❯

Hitting Good Iron Shots and Keeping it Consistent
Published 9/28/2017 in Southeast and Northeast Links Card
Seven Golf Tips To Fix your Swing Being consistent at hitting good iron shots is critical to lowering your scores on the links. But sometimes your iron swing doesn't seem to be on the same page as you.  When that happens, you have to figure out how to get your iron swing back. Often, applying some quick fixes to your stance or swing can help dramatically. Here are seven fixes that can help... read more ❯

Build a Backstroke To Help Your Putting | Golf Drill
Published 9/21/2017 in Southeast and Northeast Links Card
Backstroke Putting
Ever blow a putt by the hole? Yeah, we all have at some point, right? If you miss the follow-up putt, you've added a stroke to your scores. Missing putts like this could be because of your backstroke. It's either too long or too short. What you need to do is to build a backstroke that adapts to any distance and helps you make those easy putts. The golf drill below helps you do that. Golf... read more ❯

What Is Lag Putting and How Do You Improve It?
Published 9/19/2017 in Southeast and Northeast Links Card
Lag Putting
How To Help Improve Your Golf Handicap Three strokes. That’s how many strokes you can chop off your golf handicap with better lag putting. Three-putts kill your scores. Track your putting the next few times you play, and you'll see what we mean.  Those extra putts add up. But if you’re like many weekend golfers, you seldom practice lag putting.  In fact, you probably don't practice much... read more ❯

It Might Be Time To Upgrade Your Golf Equipment
Published 8/25/2017 in Southeast and Northeast Links Card
How To Tell When To Upgrade Have you taken a good look at your golf clubs recently? Do you feel like the clubs are wearing down, old and ugly compared to your friends? Maybe it's time to upgrade, then. Here are a few ways to tell if you should consider buying new clubs. How Old Are Your Golf Clubs? Anything over 4 years + you might want to begin thinking about upgrading or... read more ❯

Trendiest Golf Shirts
Published 8/16/2017 in Southeast and Northeast Links Card
Just like any other game, golf is significantly influenced by the type of apparel that you choose to wear. Here’s a list of the best-looking golf shirts for men and women from top named brands like Nike, Under Armour and Bermuda Sands. All prices listed are under $70. Men’s Golf Shirts 1.Nike Victory Solid Polo With its simple aesthetics and improved standard fit, the Nike... read more ❯

Are You Struggling With Chipping?
Published 8/11/2017 in Southeast and Northeast Links Card
Three Essential Things To Remember Chipping seems like one of the simplest things in the complex game of golf, but many people struggle with it. Here are a few things to keep in mind next time you’re right on the fringe and looking to chip onto the green. 1.Open Your Stance You should be aiming left of the target. You open your stance because most of the time your club face isn’t... read more ❯

PuttOut Pressure Training AidPuttOut
Are you looking to build repetition while improving your pace putting and to practice pressure putting? Well, you're in luck, because the new PuttOut golf trainer is meant to do just that.  The PuttOut “Pressure Putt Trainer” helps the average golfer putt on the correct line and speed. The unique curved design returns good putts the distance they would have traveled past the hole. The... read more ❯

The Best Remote-Controlled Golf Carts
Published 7/26/2017 in Southeast and Northeast Links Card
High quality clubs deserve to ride in style and you deserve the benefit of walking the golf course without carrying a hefty bag for 18 holes. For those looking to avoid carrying or pushing their golf bag and save their energy for their shots, here are six remote-controlled electric golf carts that will be sure to help you "take a load off."  Bat Caddy X3R | $699.95 One of the... read more ❯

Trendy Golf Pants For Men and Women
Published 7/19/2017 in Southeast and Northeast Links Card
Trendy Golf Pants
With the golf season already underway, everyone is wondering what will be the “in” look for pants on the fairways this season. Here’s a list of the trendiest golf pants for men and women on the market from Chase 54, Puma and Adidas.  Men’s Golf Pants Chase 54’s Pioneer Pants   Chase 54’s Pioneer pants offers freedom of movement, ultra-comfort, mechanical... read more ❯

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