Rickie Fowler Plays a Round of Golf With a Dying Man
Published 12/12/2017 in Southeast and Northeast Links Card
Rickie Fowler
Fowler Dedicates Hero win to Dr. Reyes Rickie Fowler is one best players on the PGA tour, but also one of the nicest. This heartwarming story will further that point. About a month ago, Fowler traveled to Atlanta to play a round of golf with a man who was dying of pancreatic cancer. Unfortunately, right before the Hero World Challenge, Dr. Reyes lost his battle with cancer. Fowler shared... read more ❯

FX Sports Golf Headphones | Listen and Learn
Published 12/5/2017 in Southeast and Northeast Links Card
FX Sports
Next time you go to the driving range, take a look around. You’ll see all kinds of golfers hitting bucket after bucket of golf balls while wearing their headphones. Maybe they're listening to rock, country, hip-hop, a podcast or even just some calming ocean sounds to get them in the zone. Now, instead of just listening to their favorite musical band, they can get expert instruction with FX... read more ❯

Struggling to Get Distance With Your Swing?
Published 11/28/2017 in Southeast and Northeast Links Card
Struggling to get distance? It isn’t your swing or your ball, you got to get in the gym. The big thing with golf exercising for golf, isn’t about doing huge weight. It has a lot to do with flexibility and core strength. Here are the five best workouts for you to start doing, and you will be hitting 300 yard drives in no time. Glute bridges: Lay flat on your back, with your feet on... read more ❯

Ready to Improve Your Swing? Get More Power With These Exercises
Published 11/22/2017 in Southeast and Northeast Links Card
Power Exercises
Improve Your Power & Flexibility For Your Golf Swing The part of golfing that I have the most trouble with is getting more distance with my swing. Sure, I'm flexible and can hit the ball consistently straight (for the most part), but it's a bummer that I can't get my ball to hit over 200 yards. The IDEA Health & Fitness Association explains, golf requires "muscular strength, joint... read more ❯

Five Golf Tips You Can Take Away From a PGA or LPGA Tournament
Published 11/8/2017 in Southeast and Northeast Links Card
Ever been to an LPGA or a PGA tournament? If you haven't, you should go to one at least once. It's something you won't soon forget. You'll see some of the world's best golfers compete for thousands in prize money under pressure. Going to an LPGA or PGA event can also help your game. You can learn a lot just by watching pro golfers practice and play. We learn something every time we attend a... read more ❯

Use This Golf Drills To Fix Your Chipping Swing
Published 10/31/2017 in Southeast and Northeast Links Card
Follow This Drill To Help Your Golf Game The best chippers make a small pivot or body turn toward the target as they swing through. That keeps their arms and body moving in sync. However, many golfers keep their hands ahead of the ball at address. That's how they learned to hit a chip. They then drag the handle through impact with the hands leading the way. This move is supposed to create a... read more ❯

Two Power Moves To Enhance Your Swing
Published 10/24/2017 in Southeast and Northeast Links Card
Power Moves
Use Rotation and Weight Shift In Your Swing The golf swing has two power moves: rotation and weight shift. These two moves let you make a powerful coil and unleash it coming down. But golfers don't always feel these moves when swinging. So, they fail to take advantage of them. To create a powerful coil, you must turn above a braced lower body. That creates resistance. You then shift your... read more ❯

Three Key Tips: Chipping From The Sand
Published 10/4/2017 in Southeast and Northeast Links Card
Nothing ruins a hole that seems to be going well like a short iron shot that lands in a sand trap next to the green. Just a little bit more distance, or a little bit more left or right, and you could have avoided that awful sand bunker. But, here you are and now it is time to focus on a successful chip from the sand. Here are a few key tips when trying to get your ball onto the green when... read more ❯

Hitting Good Iron Shots and Keeping it Consistent
Published 9/28/2017 in Southeast and Northeast Links Card
Seven Golf Tips To Fix your Swing Being consistent at hitting good iron shots is critical to lowering your scores on the links. But sometimes your iron swing doesn't seem to be on the same page as you.  When that happens, you have to figure out how to get your iron swing back. Often, applying some quick fixes to your stance or swing can help dramatically. Here are seven fixes that can help... read more ❯

Build a Backstroke To Help Your Putting | Golf Drill
Published 9/21/2017 in Southeast and Northeast Links Card
Backstroke Putting
Ever blow a putt by the hole? Yeah, we all have at some point, right? If you miss the follow-up putt, you've added a stroke to your scores. Missing putts like this could be because of your backstroke. It's either too long or too short. What you need to do is to build a backstroke that adapts to any distance and helps you make those easy putts. The golf drill below helps you do that. Golf... read more ❯

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