Quail Ridge Country Club

Course Architect: Mark Mungeam
354 Great Road
Acton, MA 01720
(978) 264-0399
visit: www.quailridgegolfclub.com/

The 9 hole course at Quail Ridge offers a peaceful, quiet setting which is a respite from life’s hectic surroundings. The strategic principles of golf design are found on each hole and players are forced to think about each shot. Instead of simply favoring long hitters, the course requires players to set up ensuing shots and favor one part of the fairway over another. Those brave enough to carry or hit close to a hazard on one shot, are rewarded with an easier shot to the next. As variety and beauty are what determines a course’s attributes, Quail Ridge has set itself apart. Each hole varies in distance and angle.

Some holes favor those who fade the ball, while others favor those who draw the ball. There is an equal balance of holes which require one to bounce the ball onto the green and ones which require a carry. The setting for these holes is one of natural beauty. Mature pines and hardwoods border each hole, lending each hole seclusion from its surroundings. The occasional outcropping of rock adds a rustic charm, while the many stone walls are a reminder of the history of the site and the toils of those who founded and farmed this land.

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