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Treat Yourself to G/FORE’s MG4+ Footwear Launching End of June If you have been on the hunt for some new luxury footwear for the course, look no further! G/FORE has recently announced their newly introduced MG4+, a new golf shoe style that showcases G/FORE’s ability to combine technical performance with distinctive design. G/FORE uses the [...]

Golf Fashion I Gear News2020-06-17T15:17:59-04:00

Need Extra Golf Practice? PuttOut is Your Perfect Solution

Are you looking for some new ways to practice your game on days when you can’t get to the course? Luckily, PuttOut is here with 3 different aids that will totally transform your practice off the course. With PuttOut, you can practice anytime, anywhere.  First, check out the Pressure Putt Trainer, which is made up [...]

Need Extra Golf Practice? PuttOut is Your Perfect Solution2019-12-05T12:58:07-05:00

The Best Drinks to Give You Energy

When it comes to exhaustion – everyone can relate. Whether you are burnt out at work, waking up early for a long commute, or just behind on sleep, being tired is a feeling that is all too common for many people. When the average person feels tired or purely exhausted, the first thought that often [...]

The Best Drinks to Give You Energy2019-09-18T13:22:16-04:00

What to Do if Your Stuck Behind a Tree or Bush

  What Are My Options? You easily hit a 200 yard drive, but it slices to the right and you end up stuck behind a tree or large bush. You see that there is some room for you to hit through, but it's not going to be easy. So, what are you supposed to do if [...]

What to Do if Your Stuck Behind a Tree or Bush2018-05-01T15:19:21-04:00

Traveling with Your Clubs Just Got Easier!

Great new benefit for Links Card members!  Golf discounts on shipping your golf clubs and/or luggage when you travel. The Links Card strives to help you enjoy more golf for less green by saving money through golf discounts.  Here’s one more way we can help you not only enjoy more golf, but also get out [...]

Traveling with Your Clubs Just Got Easier!2018-04-11T22:39:54-04:00

How To Hit A Hybrid Chip Above The Hole

Save Some Strokes Using a Hybrid Chipping from an awkward lie is tricky, to say the least. But when the lie is also above the hole, your chances of chunking the shot skyrocket. Mishit the shot even a little, and you could find yourself chipping again. Unfortunately, hitting a shot like this with a wedge [...]

How To Hit A Hybrid Chip Above The Hole2017-10-10T15:23:54-04:00

Tips To Help Eliminate Your Slice

Do You Have A Swing Flaw? If you’re like most golfers, you'd probably want to eliminate your slice. Slicing pumps up your scores and your golf handicap. Eliminating your slice can be quite the obstacle. Some slicers try for years to eliminate this flaw unsuccessfully.  Others try to play with a slice as best they [...]

Tips To Help Eliminate Your Slice2017-10-10T15:25:38-04:00

The Impact You Helped Achieve

I wanted to share a letter received from one of our giving partners, International Justice Mission. This is posted with permission from International Justice Mission.Your patronage and support of The Links Card helped make this happen. From International Justice Mission: We were overwhelmed by the outpouring of generosity in 2016 from partners like you. It [...]

The Impact You Helped Achieve2017-10-10T17:36:03-04:00

For Sports Media Stars, Golf Is All About Family

By John Molori FOR SPORTS MEDIA STARS, GOLF IS ALL ABOUT FAMILY The game of golf is about passion, perseverance, and patience, but for many sports media golfers, it is also about family. Playing the game with those you love is one of the truly special qualities of golf. A few Boston and national reporters [...]

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