It is very common for golfers to spend less time on the course or practicing during the holiday season. Everyone’s life can become hectic with traveling, shopping for gifts as well as spending time with family and friends. During this “off-season” time, many golfers can relate to falling off the track. It happens to everyone through holiday celebrations as well as holiday parties, however, there are some tips and tricks to stay on track as best you can. That way, when you are ready to hit the course again, you are still in proper shape to get right back into the game! Here are some ways that you can keep your health in mind through the holiday season: 

  • Set your intentions. First thing’s first – you must set your intention for the holiday season. Of course, keeping in mind that you may slightly fall off track, make sure that your mind is committed to staying healthy and looking for alternatives where you are able to. 
  • Offer to host a holiday. One of the best ways to guarantee that you will not overly indulge is to offer to host a holiday for your family and friends. While you still get to enjoy your time as the host, you will be on your feet and moving around for a large portion of the day. With this distraction, you will be less likely to overeat all of the sweets and treats. 
  • Eat mindfully. Remember, food is fuel for your body. Make sure you are mindful in the choices that you are making – you want the food you consume to make you feel good, not the other way around! 
  • Focus on the company surrounding you. During each holiday, shift your focus from the food to the people around you. Take the time to enjoy spending time with your family and friends. With this mindset, your priority will shift.
  • Don’t be hard on yourself. Ultimately, everyone deserves to enjoy the holiday season with their favorite treats, drinks and meals! If you do fall off the track, don’t be hard on yourself, and just get right back on!